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Колледж KILC в PNU

Лучшие страны для обучения за рубежом

Студенты KILC в Корее Обучение за рубежом становится всё более популярным среди студентов со всего мира. Выбор страны для обучения играет ключевую роль в формировании академического и профессионального будущего. В

5 Tips to Learn New Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the core of any language.  You could know all the grammar in the world, but if you don’t know any words, you will not be able to communicate. 

Life as a Distance Learning Student

Effective Time Management Traditionally, most people find the norm in education to involve lectures in physical classrooms.  Tutor-student interaction is perceived as being only physical.  With innovations, virtual learning has

How to Organise Your Studies for Success

Stay Focused on Your Studies There is a phrase called ‘Decision Fatigue’ which may be weighing you down. I first heard about this procrastination phenomenon in a talk by Kerwin