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Dear University entrants!

Today you are facing the most important choice in your life – choosing your own path, which you will follow with determination, hard work, curiosity and the knowledge and skills that you will get in your chosen educational institution. We are waiting for those who want to get a high-quality secondary professional education, study foreign languages, discover their creative abilities, develop in accordance with the new standards of our world at the Kazakhstan International Linguistic College (hereinafter KILC).

Knowledge of English has become a necessity and requirement of modern society, and the skillful use of English in various areas of business, retail services and public institutions has become a guarantee of high wages and the Foundation for a high career.

Преимущества обучения​

High quality of education

Самые востребованные профессии​

Самая доступная цена​

Международный стандарт​

Международный стандарт​

In the modern era, the determining factor in the competitiveness of any nation is the level of education and intellectual potential of society. As noted By Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev, in the message to the people of Kazakhstan "...today the main task is to continue the modernization of education." In his message to the country, N. A. Nazarbayev covered all the main directions and set priorities for the further development of education. "First of all, this is the functional training of our students, the introduction of new learning technologies and, most importantly for us, universities, the training of future specialists of international level, harmoniously and comprehensively developed. This imposes a huge responsibility on us and defines new tasks and directions".

Общепризнано, что изучение иностранных языков является одним из приоритетных направлений средне профессионального и вузовского образования. Владеть языком - это значит познавать окружающий мир.

In modern conditions, a foreign language becomes a mandatory component of the professional characteristics of a specialist of any profile who is able to successfully carry out their professional activities. In addition, a foreign language today acts as a real and full-fledged means of communication, a means of familiarizing with world culture, world education and science, the opportunity to travel, work, and grow professionally.

A special feature of studying at the Kazakhstan International Linguistic College is a professional staff of teachers of compulsory subjects, as well as a professional staff of foreign teachers from English-speaking countries with appropriate diplomas and certification. Training by foreign teachers along with our Kazakhstan teachers makes a huge contribution to the education of our students. By studying special subjects in a foreign language, students learn from the experience of foreign teachers with many years of experience.

Students are divided into groups (up to 25 people) according to their level of knowledge of the English language. Further, when studying foreign languages and special subjects, students are divided into sub-groups. In this version of training, tasks and assessment criteria are compiled according to the level of knowledge in English.

В 2022 году, в летний период времени, KILC будет проводить интенсивные подготовительные курсы английского языка для всех абитуриентов поступающих в колледж KILC. Абсолютно все абитуриенты, вне зависимости от уровня владения английским, смогут найти интересные для себя курсы с зарубежными и местными преподавателями. При этом, приоритетными абитуриентами в 2022 году будут абитуриенты с уровнем владения Английским не ниже уровня ELEMENTARY. При необходимости языковой подготовки, Вы можете обращаться по контактным телефонам.

Thanks to our extensive experience in teaching English on the basis of the LTC language schools, we dare to say with confidence that our teaching staff is prepared to teach students in the proposed specialties.

If you want to be confident in your future, intend to be a sought-after specialist in the labor market, dream of bright everyday life and holidays, do not hesitate for a long time and enter the specialty "Foreign language teacher" "Preschool education and upbringing" and "Translation" of the Kazakhstan International Linguistic College. Our doors are open and we are waiting for each of you!

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